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Teen Taxi

In our hectic world, time spent in the car remains one of the last refuges of unfiltered child-to-parent conversation – a place where laughs can be had, and tricky conversations raised, without modern distractions or the possibility of escape!

Now, in this brand-new series exclusive to BBC I player, teens and their families are letting the cameras into their cars for the first time - as they tackle school, relationships, friendships, and much more.

The series’ will feature a revolving cast of charismatic characters – approximately 3 per episode, comprising 18 families across 1 x 12-part series.

Across the series, our families’ fun and frank chats will provide laugh-out-loud, life-affirming, and sometimes poignant stories. Short clips from these narratives will be shareable online – and designed to go viral on social media platforms such as Facebook/YouTube – so that they drive viewers to the main series on iPlayer. These will be created with Endemol Shine’s centralised social media team, who have experience and expertise in working with big young-skewing brands – such as The Island and Big Brother – and reaching young audiences.

While the clips will be viewable and enjoyable in isolation, each episode – and the entire series – will form a coherent whole. As we get to know our characters, we’ll come to understand their personalities, relationships, hopes and fears – and the connections between their individual conversations.

At the heart of the series will be topics that are relevant and significant for today’s teens. Whether it’s a heart-to-heart about online bullying, or a celebration of an unexpectedly good exam result, Teen Taxi shines a light on relevant, modern-day issues through a fun, entertaining, and fresh form.

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