Patients undergo life-changing treatment to rebuild and repair their faces.

The Face Doctors (8x60) is a brand-new series following patients undergoing life-changing surgery and cutting-edge treatment to rebuild and repair their faces. From genetic conditions to flesh-eating infections to emergency trauma, face specialists at Addenbrookes hospital take on some of the most challenging and devastating cases. Their mission: to restore identities, mend shattered confidence and transform lives. 

The surgical team work tirelessly to help their patients, including a teenager with too many broken bones in her face to count after a car crash, a man with a deadly infection in his eye, and a woman whose nose was bitten off by a dog. Working alongside the surgeons is the incredible prosthetics team, who blend art with science, to create extraordinarily life-like noses, eyes, ears and more for patients in need, including an eye for a man living with a hole in his face and an ear for a schoolgirl who wants to fit in. 

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Discovery+, Really