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The Auction House

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and nowhere is that more true than at Lots Road Auction House, nestled in the heart of the glamorous London borough of Chelsea. This unique institution is an Aladdin’s cave bursting with magnificent artefacts showcasing the ever changing taste of the super-rich, and often, super-quirky. Populated with eagle-eyed collectors, opportunistic dealers and wonderfully eccentric staff The Auction House is a back-drop for extraordinary characters buying and selling over 400 items each week.

The Auction House follows the stories behind some of the curious and fascinating objects that are bought and sold at iconic Chelsea saleroom. We follow the buyers, sellers and the long suffering staff who struggle along beneath no-nonsense boss Roger Ross’s dictatorial management style.

Hugely popular, The Auction House will continue to follow some of London's wealthiest bidders and their eclectic tastes when it returns to Channel 4 for a second series in early 2015.

“…it’s thoroughly entertaining…****” - Claudia Connell -The Daily Mail

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