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Dinner at 11

Dinner at 11 is a new unique documentary especially constructed to ask kids what they really think about life with the aim of finding out what it means to be a child today, by watching what happens when a group of kids come together for a dinner party.

The dinner party is set in a beautiful location and the centre-piece is a magnificently dressed table. The cameras film the entire meal play out - from preparation and cooking to the serving and eating of the meal.

What do our kids care about today - what makes them angry, excited or anxious? Who are still 'children' at 11, and which of our kids are decidedly more adult in their outlook? How would they like to see the world change? And what do they hope for in their futures? This film creates a real platform for the cast to tell what they really think about the important issues in life - whether it's topics like family, parenting and marriage, or political hot potatoes like immigration, education and who should run the country.

“A startling, hilarious and often moving piece of television, its subjects disarmingly worldly and naive at the same time” - The Guardian

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Channel 4
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