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Science(ish) of… Stranger Things

Comedian Sophie Duker, science nerd Rick Edwards and quantum physicist Dr Michael Brooks dissect the science behind Netflix’s multi award-winning series Stranger Things. The Science(ish) gang take an entertaining dive into the science behind the sci-fi horror hit, picking apart the nanoscience from the nonsense. Secret government experiments, psychic powers and interdimensional monsters are all brought under the microscope for a reality check.

Using a combination of expert witnesses, guest contributors and archive clips, Rick is determined to prove to a sceptical Sophie and Dr Michael that the work of science fiction is based on plausible science fact. From seeing the person who believes they are the real-life Stranger Things character ‘Eleven’ to uncovering a monster dog that paved the way for human organ transplants, the three will decide if the science of Stranger Things is legit or just Science…ish.

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BBC Three
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