Chibuikem Oforka named as Edinburgh TV Festivals 2021 Ones to Watch

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Chibuikem Oforka named as Edinburgh TV Festivals 2021 Ones to Watch

By Dragonfly

Chibuikem (Chike) started his TV journey in 2018 when he joined Dragonfly on an internship. Fondly called “Dr Chike” by his colleagues, Chike completed a BSc in Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology at King’s College London. His entry into TV was a U-turn from his path to pursue post-graduate Medicine. He has since worked on a number of premium documentaries and specialist factual series for the major broadcasters including, most recently, Surgeons (BBC2), Ambulance (BBC1). Passionate about his Nigerian heritage, Chike also performs Igbo traditional dance. One of his aspirations is to challenge Western narratives regarding Africa through content and storytelling. Chike is currently in the process of setting up a talent organisation which aims to connect filmmakers of African origin from all over the world.

Chike’s ultimate career goal is to be the Creative Director of his own company, specialising in bringing lesser-seen stories to the premium stage, whilst forging strong connections between his British and African identities.

“Chike is a rare talent who can turn his hand to any genre. He’s driven, perceptive, creative and totally unflappable. Everyone loves working with him.” Ros Ponder, Head Of Popular Factual, Dragonfly Film & Television.