Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Streaming Now on Discovery+

13 November 2021

ANNI S1E04 S013

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Streaming Now on Discovery+

By Dragonfly

Dragonfly's brand new series, Anni: The Honeymoon Murder is streaming now on Discovery+.

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On 13th November 2010 whilst on honeymoon in South Africa with her husband Shrien, Anni Dewani was murdered. 11 years later, Anni’s family are desperate for answers. They want to know what happened that night and why Anni had to die.

Police first suspect that Anni has been kidnapped by hijackers, and that she will soon be released. But the next morning, her body is discovered, and a murder investigation begins. Soon the first suspects arrested make the shocking allegation that the husband ordered the assassination and within days the case becomes a global news sensation.

Over four years, the police and prosecution teams work to build a case against Shrien, whilst his family and their advisors fight to maintain his innocence, prevent his extradition and to stop him facing a criminal trial in South Africa.

With unprecedented access to the police, legal teams, individuals intimately involved in the crime and Anni’s family, this cinematic testimony driven four-part series follows the extraordinary twists and turns of the unfolding murder investigation and ultimately one of the biggest trials in South African history.