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Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock confronts her experiences of racism for the first time

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock explores racism and colourism in the music industry and confronts her own experiences as the only black member of the band for the first time.

This powerful one-off documentary follows pop star Leigh-Anne Pinnock as she confronts her experience as the only black member of Little Mix, and as a black woman in the music industry. During the summer which saw protests sweep across the UK and the Black Lives Matter movement become a global force, Leigh-Anne embarks on her own very personal journey to understand how she can use her platform and privilege to combat the profound racism she sees in society around her. By confronting those closest to her and attempting to bring difficult conversations about black representation right to the top of the music industry, Leigh-Anne is taking on her biggest and most important mission yet.

Year of production:
Dragonfly Film and TV
Commissioning broadcasters:
BBC Three

Content Innovation Awards

Representation on Screen

Nominee, 2021

New York Film Festivals Film and TV Awards

Nominee, 2022