One Born Every Minute returns 10th March 2015
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February 26 2015

The Bafta Award-winning One Born Every Minute returns for a new series from its new home at Liverpool's Women's Hospital: the largest and busiest maternity unit in Europe. Liverpudlian humour takes centre stage in the first episode a soon to be dad tries to keep his partner laughing through the contractions of a baby they thought they would never have, while another couple must pull together when their baby's life is in danger. Midwife and shift leader Delia keeps everyone's spirits up through the tough moments and the good. 'Laughter is the best sound in the world,' she says.

First time mum Yvonne, who's 41, and her partner Gary, who's 48, thought the opportunity to be parents had passed them by. Yvonne describes herself as 'vintage' so the couple couldn't have been happier when they discovered Yvonne was pregnant. 'Not bad for an old bird' Gary jokes. Gary has used his big personality to woo Yvonne from the word go - on an early date he got the whole pub singing along to his karaoke - but can his jokes keep Yvonne smiling as the pain kicks in?

Jennifer, who's 25, and her partner Darran, who's 26, were told at the 20-week scan that their baby had a heart defect but it won't be until she's born that they know how badly it might affect her. All they can do is wait and hope that the first cry their baby gives is a healthy one. Darran is desperate to be a dad but during the labour he struggles with not knowing what they will face when she's born: 'My worst fear is for her to not pull through, because she has got that chance of not pulling through.' Midwife Delia supports Darran through some of the toughest hours of his life.