Dragonfly unveil new logo
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August 13 2013

Notice something different? Nooo, it’s not a new haircut, or different glasses. Dragonfly has launched a new logo! So more of a facelift if anything.


Of course Dragonfly encourages everyone to be who they want to be…but we can’t deny the last logo was actually a firefly with an identity crisis. After some intense rounds of ‘Yes, No, Maybe’ in the boardroom our grey, gold and maroon logo was deemed the best representation for our indie.


“Our new logo builds on the old one in terms of colours but is bold, strong and fearless, just like us” says Chief Operating Officer Lucinda Hicks. “It’s a new phase for Dragonfly and a new logo seemed appropriate.”


Look out for it on our end cards too – it’s animated. Snazzy!