Now in its fourth series, Ambulance is a BAFTA winning documentary series for BBC1 giving exclusive insight into how the ambulance service functions amidst the huge challenges it faces. The series meets the people working day in and day out, from paramedics to 999 call operators, to keep on top of the pressure and provide emergency care to the public.

The first three-part series follows the London Ambulance Service as it deals with the ever-growing city and its health extremes. Each episode provides a complete 360° look at the movements of the ambulances pulsing through the city and the complex logistics required to make sure that ambulances are dispatched in the shortest time possible and the most urgent cases prioritised.


For series 2 and 3 we move to the West Midlands and follow the crews as they face obstacles, make tough decisions and save lives. From Saturday night drinking to roadside births the team at the West Midlands Ambulance Service deal with all sides of life.


In Series 4, we journey to the North West of England following the crews as they navigate one of the hottest summers for the U.K. and the busiest season to date for the NHS.